Apr 21, 2011
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Welcome to FIMEDS on the web!(Scottish Charity Reg: 031150)

Friends of Instrumental Music in East Dunbartonshire Schools (FIMEDS for short) was established to advance the education of pupils by supporting the East Dunbartonshire Council Instrumental Music Service to encourage pupils of all abilities to maximize their musical potential.

 The committee of FIMEDS administers the Jimmy Hill Memorial Fund, which was established to provide financial assistance, through bursaries, to members of East Dunbartonshire schools bands and orchestras who, due to financial constraints, would be unable to meet the full cost of the residential courses. The fund may also be used for the purchase and up keep of ED musical instruments when required. In this period of financial recession, requests for support are likely to increase and therefore it is vital that the work of FIMEDS is continued.

FIMEDS also sourcesfunds through various awarding bodies including EDC Community Grants and other corporate organisations.The community Grants awarded to FIMEDS in recent yearshave been to partially fund the activities of the East Dunbartonshire Schools Jazz Orchestra. This group meets each Wednesday evening in Boclair Academy. A similar community grant funds the EDC Childrens Chorus, a group that rehearses in Bishopbriggs Academy each Tuesday. Without this funding these musical groups would not be available.

FIMEDS is present at the stand/display at Sunday rehearsals and concerts.We sell Section Hoodies, which have proven to be popular with musicians.


Thanks to all who havesupported FIMEDS to provide bursaries for a larger number of pupils/families this year.

In 2011/12 FIMEDS has increased its profile through our manned stand/display at Sunday rehearsals, concerts and newsletters alongside selling of the very popular Section Hoodies. This has proven fruitful as the pupils and parents have become more involved in supporting the charity through the fundraising activities. Thanks to all as this support has allowed us to provide bursaries to a larger number of pupils/families this year.

Fund Raising Events 2010-11: Quiz night Event, bag packing, raffles at various concerts, Provost’s Concert, selling of T-shirts and Hoodies, fun activities at weekend/week courses and much appreciated donations.

Contact fimeds@hotmail.com


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